Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mad for Mad Libs

My Fabulous Mad Libs Collection
First Mad Lib

       Where it all started was at my nine-year-old birthday party. One of my older sisters had surprised 

me with this Mad Lib as a birthday present. I had never heard of Mad Libs before, but that day it 

started out with one page, then two pages, three pages, and eventually the whole day was spent 

playing Mad Libs. 

        The game is totally different in a good way because it is just a combination of 

sentences that don't make sense, but are somehow hilarious because they don't make sense. In case 

you don't know what Mad Libs are, I'll explain it how my sister and I play it. One person has the  

Mad Libs booklet, so they can call out noun, verb, adjective, etc and write it down, the other  

person/people choose a whatever word, depending on what the person with the Mad Libs calls out. 

Nobody knows how the story will turn out and that's what makes it entertaining. You can play it by 

yourself, but in my opinion it's not as fun, which is why I don't like the modern online version. I need 

to play with some else in order for it to be funny.

       It's mostly my older sister (the same one that started my collection) and I who play it. We play it 

when we go on field trips to pass the time and when the lights go out at my house, which is a normal 

thing during monsoon season and during the winter. My sister told me she got the first Mad Lib for 

me because of the blackouts, since I had severe nyctophobia when I was younger. This Mad Lib is an 

example of a time when the lights went out two winters ago. My sister and I had just finished binge 

watching the latest season of Supernatural that came out on DVD, as we do every year, which 

explains why this one has words like "demons" and "crosses" in the blanks. I promise we don't 

usually fill them out with those words. The words that I mostly use for adjectives are: fluffy and 

bushy. The words that I mostly use for nouns are: kittens, corgis, or pillows Sometimes, it will ask  

for a part of the body, I usually choose leg, funny bone, or pinky toe. Don't ask me why I choose 

these words, I think it's because the stories usually cause with me to end up rolling on the floor if I 

use these words. My sister hates it when I continuously use these words and starts hitting me with  

the Mad Lib to encourage me to use other words. 

Favorite Baby #1

Favorite Baby #2

       Of course, I favor a couple Mad Libs over the rest, what parent doesn't? The Doctor Who one I 

got for Christmas my senior year of high school from the same sister, who knew I profusely regretted 

not buying the one at the Fort Lewis College bookstore in Durango, Colorado. My sister understands 

my regret because we are both obsessed with Doctor Who, so we both try to collect all these Doctor 

Who gadgets and accessories. The cat one is also my favorite because on top it says "Meow Libs",  

ha ha, get it? "Meow Libs", instead of "Mad Libs". Also, I love cats and kittens, especially Siamese 

(as you can see is the cover of this Mad Lib). I bought this one myself at a store called Attic Salt in 

the Chandler Mall. It was almost seven dollars, more expensive than the Doctor Who one, but it was 

worth it because it adds to my collection. 
       I will admit that the main reason why I continue to collect Mad Libs isn't because they're totally 

awesome, but because it has allowed my sister and I to create this close bond that we don't have with 

our other siblings. Plus, our housing location is pretty isolated, we don't have a neighbor for another 

mile and most of our friends live in town twenty-five miles away. We basically just have each other 

and our parents, but our parents don't really play with us. 


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